Najir Husen’s Gulabi Gaining Interests

Jan 31, Kathmandu- A few years ago the film 'Shakuntala' was made. The actor Rajesh Hamal was seen in the role of a third gender woman. Although the film was made with a different theme, it did not work at that time. The film turned out to be a flop. The film was directed by Dinesh Shrestha.

A few days ago, a similar style poster of the new Nepali film 'Gulabi' was released. Actor Najir Husen can be seen in the poster. The poster is being widely appreciated. The film is directed by Samundra Bhatta.

Although Najir's acting is good, his films have not been able to taste commercial success. In this case, this film is expected to be successful. 

Dipendra K Khanal and Nawal Nepal are making films with a close look at women's minds, which have also been successful.