Movie ‘Bahubali’ Proven Troublesome For Prabhas

Jan 31, Kathmandu- Few actors are as popular as 'Bahubali' star Prabhas. But the film that made him a global star, made him popular has now landed him in trouble.

Baahubali raised Prabhas to such a height that the audience's expectations for him also increased. Because of this, both 'Saaho' and 'Radheshyam', which were released after Baahubali, disappointed the audience. Radheshyam was a flop. Even touching the standards set by Bahubali, the acting career of Prabhas is on the edge.

This has started affecting his financial situation. On top of that, stardom itself is in danger.

Now Prabhas has come up with a new way to save this stardom. Now Prabhas has made two main criteria in the film he is acting in. Firstly, the director should be old and secondly, he should be able to direct a pan India film (a regional cinema dubbed in Hindi and shown all over India).

Now it is not possible to meet his standard by making one or two films. Prabhas is in favor of not repeating the mistakes made in the past.

Prabhas currently has 'Saalar', 'Adipurush' and 'Project K' in his pipeline.