We Will Start Campaign 'Reading, Earning And Pressing': CM Rawal

 Jan 31, Kathmandu: Far-west Province Chief Minister Rajendrasinh Rawal informed that the provincial government will start a campaign of education, earning, and suppression.

While monitoring the Mahakali Provincial Hospital in Mahendranagar on Monday, he said that the campaign for the prosperity of Far West Province will be conducted in the villages. He said that the state government will pay special attention to the protection and promotion of the natural and cultural heritage here.

"During the 2062/63 agitation, I myself was the chairman of this hospital management committee, I understand all the problems here", Chief Minister Rawal said, "I will initiate with the federal government for 'Dialysis' and 'CityScan' services in the hospital."

Krishnananda Bhatta, Chairman of the Mahakali Regional Hospital Management Committee, stated that the service is affected due to a lack of manpower in the hospital and requested them to manage the necessary manpower.

"We don't have enough manpower, even the existing manpower is not able to be paid," he said, "due to the lack of doctors, patients have to be referred to other places, I request you to stop this." requested to do.