Chedagad Mayor Did Not Build A Health Building


Jan 31, Kathmandu: The building of the city hospital which is going to be constructed in Jajarkot Nalgad municipality has come to a standstill. Chedagad city the head of Ratna Bahadur Khadka has stalled because of the non-performance of the contract taken for 18 crores.

The contract date of the health building was dated 8 October 2021 AD It is mentioned in the contract that it should be completed and handed over by 30 June 2023 AD. In the first installment, 2 crore 86 thousand rupees have been taken from the municipality and in the second installment, 1 crore 99 lakh 99 thousand 999 rupees have been taken. Payment has been made in the name of Prera Khadka Krishna Caravan JV Kathmandu.

Nalgad Deputy Mayor Sarita Singh complained that the patients and beneficiaries who come here every day have problems getting services due to the lack of construction of the health institution building at the appointed time. There is a problem due to the parties who take contract work but do not build anywhere on time.

Deputy Chief Singh said that there is a problem when the contract is not done on time, and a member of the Provincial Assembly, Bedraj Singh, has been requested to facilitate the construction business and the mayor of Chedagad to start the construction work.

Two years ago, bids were invited for the construction of the city hospital. Only the foundation of the city hospital is in a state of being erected. Concerned agencies have said that the construction does not start until the time of construction of the structure.

Even though the municipality has repeatedly asked mayor Khadka to come to work, deputy chief Singh said that there is a problem when he does not come to work. The building is going to be constructed with funds received from the federal government.

Khadka, who is the mayor of Chedagad municipality from the Nepali Congress, has not built even the bridge that was supposed to be built on the access road of the Nalgad hydropower project for seven years.

The bridge to be built on the Nalgad river at Khara has been left unfinished. Mayor Khadka claims that the project did not work despite the repeated request of the project to build the bridge. Most of the development work in this area has been stalled since the construction of the bridge has been stalled for a long time.

At present, work is being done to cross the Nalgad river by using wooden planks.