Nepal Television Should Increase Its Commercial Income: Communications Minister Sharma

Jan 31, Kathmandu:  Communication and Information Technology Minister Rekha Sharma has said that Nepal Television should increase its business income. Addressing the 38th-anniversary ceremony of Nepal Television on Tuesday, Communications Minister Sharma said that Nepal Television has the challenge to make itself more professional and competitive.

Communications Minister Sharma said, "Nepal Television now faces the challenge of making itself more professional and competitive among countless television channels within the country and outside the country by meeting the needs of the diverse and pluralistic Nepalese society and the expectations of the common citizens."

She held the view that business income should be increased by mobilizing the available means, resources, and manpower. The Minister of Communication also asked to decide the plans so that the basic people can feel the television.

For this, it is necessary to utilize and mobilize the available means, resources, and manpower to the maximum and increase the business income. For the coming days, let the television study deeply and decide the plans that the basic people will feel.''

Communications Minister Sharma stressed the need to make the content of the broadcast by incorporating the issues of promotion of the republic, promotion of national interest, constitutional supremacy, rule of law, and social justice. Similarly, he said that technology and accessibility should be expanded and improved.

She said, "In the future, Nepal Television will further expand and improve its broadcast content, presentation, technology, and access by absorbing issues such as the promotion of the federal democratic republic established in the country, the promotion of national interests, constitutional supremacy, the rule of law, plurality, diversity and the establishment of social justice. Let's do it.''

Minister Sharma said that the Ministry is positive towards the development of Nepal Television, capacity building and service, facilities, and moral development of employees. He expressed his belief that television employees will always be honest and committed to their workplace.

On that occasion, Sameerjung Shah, President of Nepal Television, said that the organization has emphasized the development of professional competence and skills while absorbing the changes in the information and communication sector. General Manager Fulman Bal informed that as per the wishes of the Prime Minister, Nepal Television has started broadcasting news in different languages.