School Level Cricket Tournament Started In Janakpurdham

Jan 31, Kathmandu:  The cricket tournament has started at Janakpurdham's Janakpurdham arena. The under-16 competition started on Tuesday (today) organized by Harij Sports Zone.

The inaugural match is being played between Monashtik Skandri English Boarding School and Siddhartha Shishu Sadan in Janakpurdham. The game was inaugurated jointly by Kishori Sah, deputy head of Janakpurdham sub-metropolitan city, and Parameshwar Sah, ward president of ward number 9.

Addressing the opening session of the game, Deputy Chief Shah promised to invest in the game. He also suggested the Cricket Association come up with the necessary blueprint for the development of the game.

I had an attachment to the first game. He used to play games daily,'' he said, recalling the past, 'now I am in a place to invest in sports. Come with a blueprint, we will help as much as possible.'

Other speakers complained about the lack of playgrounds. Guddu Pandey, president of the Dhanusha Cricket Association, said that due to the lack of ground, the production and capacity of players could not be developed as expected.

"The problem of the game has been there for years," he said, "but until now the government has not been able to organize the ground that has one." Leaders and people's representatives make big speeches only during elections.

Teams from 12 schools participated in the tournament organized with the aim of producing new players in cricket and Janakpurdham. The cricket competition is divided into three groups in the league system.

After the completion of the competition, the organizing organization is preparing to form a group of talented players and give them regular training.