Niharika Case: Shivaraj Shrestha Accept Child And Mother

Jan 31, Kathmandu: An agreement has been reached between Niharika Rajput, who was promoted as a 'virgin mother', and Shivraj Shrestha whom she accused of being a 'rape'. They have accepted each other as husband and wife and are ready to live together.

Niharika had filed a case in Dhanusha district court saying that she was raped by Shivraj. However, the court acquitted Shivraj in that case. Niharika then appealed to the High Court Janakpur. On Monday, the Dhanusha District Court reconciled between them as the decision of the said appeal was not forthcoming.

Niharika's baby and Shivraj's DNA test was done on the orders of the High Court. Although they had a DHA match, there were few grounds to prove rape. The hearing of the case in the High Court is scheduled for February 5.

The twist came after Niharika filed a partial case against Shivraj in the Dhanusha District Court last Sunday while the rape case was pending. Niharika mentioned that after being in love with Shivraj for three years, they have been living as husband and wife since 2019. It is mentioned in his application that a child was born in 2021 from their relationship. She said that after the birth of the child, she could not live together because her husband used to fight and beat her.

Shivraj gave an answer to the issue raised by Niharika the very next day. He also admitted that Niharika and he had a child when they were husband and wife. He denied beating Niharika and mentioned that he was ready to separate her by giving her a share and that he was ready to accept her as his wife again and shoulder the responsibility of the child. After Niharika also agreed to the second option, the solution came out.

According to close sources, both Niharika and Shivraj are happy after the settlement. Shivraj's family is also going to accept Niharika. They have not started living under the same roof. Niharika's family is already angry with her.