A Chance Test For Twenty-Six-Year-Old Students

Feb 5, Kathmandu: Tribhuvan University has given an opportunity to 26-year-old students who failed to pass due to their absence in the practical examination even though they were enrolled at the undergraduate level.

The Office of Examination Control (OEC) has given this opportunity to the students enrolled in Management, Pedagogy, Humanities and Sociology and Institute of Science and Technology Studies under the three-year undergraduate level. At present, the entire faculty under the bachelor's level is four years old.

Candidates who missed the practical examination in the first, second, or third year of the three-year academic program in which they are enrolled are given an opportunity. According to Controller of Examinations Pushparaj Joshi, all the candidates who have been admitted since 2053 but the practical examination has been stopped will be allowed to participate in this opportunity examination.

Those who want to participate in the opportunity examination should fill out the examination form at the respective campus before February 21, Panika said. In addition, Panika has also directed that the concerned students should complete all the work procedures, including practice tests, project work, and teaching practice, and submit the details within the next March 29.