Primary Health Center Without Doctor

Feb 8, Kathmandu:  It has been 13 years since the Primary Health Center was established at Chhatreshwari-4 Lekhpokhara. However, as the center is without a doctor, patients are forced to come to the headquarters for treatment. The primary health center is under Ahab.

A primary health center was established at Lekhpokhara to provide treatment facilities to the residents of Chhatreshwari, Damachour, Jhimpe, and Sharda Municipality-13 Syanikhaal. The center was established in 2007. Local Sher Bahadur Basnet, who has been under Aheb's care for 3 years after the doctor working at the center went on study leave, said. According to him, it has been 3 years since the X-ray machine was installed in the center but it has not been put into operation.

"When X-rays are not available, they have to go to private medical and district hospitals for treatment," he said. Dilaram Bohra, a local, said that due to the non-filling of the vacancies of doctors, various pieces of equipment have been left behind. "

Even common medicine is not available," he said, "Medical is more important than the center." After the center was decided to be established in Luham of Triveni rural municipality, the local people protested. Local Dhan Bahadur Pun said that despite going to the center for treatment, there is a problem because there are not enough medicines, equipment, and doctors.

He said, "The health workers do not check for diseases other than colds and fevers, and there is no medicine in the hospital." He complained that even the doctor who came to the center after almost 10 years went on study leave and there was a problem with the treatment. He said that patients could not get easy treatment when there was only a name center. According to him, pregnant women are also forced to reach the district hospital for delivery.

Bir Bahadur Oli, in charge of the center, said that there are 9 vacancies including doctors, but the vacancies of HA and staff nurses have not been filled. According to him, health examination, maternity, and lab services of patients are currently being conducted from the center.

"Because it is a difficult area, doctors don't want to come," he said, "The village municipality has started the process of building a 15-bed hospital, if it is completed, this quality treatment will be available." Leeladhar Gharti, chairman of the center management committee and ward president No. Said it was happening.

Similarly, a primary health center was established in 2062 at Tharmare in Bagchaur municipality to facilitate the health treatment of the locals of the Darma, Kumakh, and Bagchaur municipalities. The government arranged for posts for health workers including HA, staff nurses, along with and expert doctors. But even after 16 years since the primary health center was established, doctors have not come to Bagchaur.