Russia Rejects US Claims

Feb 09, Kathmandu- Moscow has strongly rejected the claims made by the United States that Russia has not complied with the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (New START).

The Russian Foreign Ministry issued a statement on Wednesday stating, "The Russian side categorically rejects the claims made by the American representatives regarding our country's 'non-compliance' with the provisions of New Start".

The United States has banned Russia from all opportunities for unfettered inspection of American soil, thereby violating the treaty.

Although this treaty is guided by the principle of indivisible security and the concept of building a strategic relationship based on mutual trust, openness, and predictability, the policies of the United States are contradictory.

"The Russian side reaffirms its unwavering commitment to START as a tool for maintaining international security and stability," the statement said.

According to New Start, the last remaining nuclear arms control treaty between the two nuclear superpowers can be extended for a maximum of five years with the agreement of the two countries.

Russia and the United States officially extended the treaty for five years on February 3, 2021.