North Korea testifies, most nuclear missile ever

Feb 09, Kathmandu- North Korea has displayed its largest number of intercontinental ballistic missiles in a nighttime parade. Experts have said that North Korea's missile manufacturing capacity has increased and it has developed solid fuel for missiles.

Last year, North Korea conducted several ballistic missile tests.

"This time, Kim Jong-un has let North Korea's strategic and long-range missile power speak for itself", says Leif-Eric Easley, a professor at Ewha University in Seoul, South Korea.

Photos and videos of the parade that took place on Wednesday night were shown on Thursday by state television. 11 intercontinental ballistic missiles called Hwasong-17 were seen.

It is estimated that the missile can launch nuclear weapons anywhere in the world.

"11 such missiles would be enough to undermine America's anti-missile capabilities," Ankit Panda of the Carnegie Endowment wrote on Twitter, "more than we have seen in North Korea so far".

The Hwasong-17 was tested for the first time last year.

South Korea has called on the North to immediately stop its illegal nuclear weapons production.