Far -West: CM Rawal Will Be Dismissed If He Does Not Get A Vote of Confidence

Feb 9, Kathmandu: Far-west Provincial Assembly meeting has started. Chief Minister Rajendra Singh Rawal is addressing the meeting.

The agenda of today's meeting also includes a program where the Chief Minister will take a vote of confidence. However, the Civil Immunity Party, which is decisive in the provincial assembly, was absent from the meeting.

It is said that the party's provincial assembly members are now in a hotel on Darbarmarg in Kathmandu. They had said that they would not give a vote of confidence to the government until their demands, including the release of their party's founder, Reshammalal Chaudhary, who was convicted in the Tikapur incident and was serving life in Dillibazar jail, were met.

Chief Minister Rawal will be dismissed if he does not get a vote of confidence today. He was appointed Chief Minister on January 11 with the support of UML, CPN-Maoist Center, RPP, and NUP. Chief Minister Rawal will get a majority only if the Nepali Congress MPs cross the floor.  However, the chances of Congress MPs crossing the floor are very slim. However, Congress has not issued a whip against Rawal.

In the 53-member Far-west Provincial Assembly, there are 19 MPs from the Nepali Congress, 11 from the Maoists (including the speaker), 10 from the UML, 7 from the Naupa, 4 from the CPN United Socialist Party, and 1 from the RPP. A vote of confidence requires 27 votes.