Stock Market Increased By Double Digits On Last Trading Day Week

Feb 9, Kathmandu: On the last trading day of the week, the stock market rose. The NEPSE index increased by 12.43 points and stopped at 2182.61 points on Thursday.

The sensitive index, which measures the share turnover of large companies, increased by 1.42 points and reached 415.42 points. In the Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE), a total of 5648 thousand 212 shares of 257 companies were bought and sold, with a share turnover of more than 2.62 billion rupees.

Similarly, on the basis of turnover, the Api Hydro Power Company is at the top position. It has a turnover of more than 58.6 million today. Similarly, Nabil Bank was the second, and Nagi Group Power was the third.

In Thursday's trading, out of 13 sub-indices, except for mutual funds, all sub-indices have turned green. Hydro's share price has increased by 10 percent during today's trading.