Far -West CM Vote of confidence Was Rejected While Government Will  Be Acting

Feb 9, Kathmandu: The proposal to take a vote of confidence by the Chief Minister of Sudurpaschim Pradesh Assembly Rajendrasinh Rawal has been rejected by the majority of the Assembly. After not getting a vote of confidence, he was relieved of his post and the Far West government became a temporary government.

Chief Minister Rawal submitted a motion seeking a vote of confidence in the state assembly meeting held on Thursday evening. When the proposal was submitted, the decision was rejected by the majority, the Speaker announced.

  The meeting was moved twice since yesterday as the civil rights party took the stand of not giving a vote of confidence. Chief Minister Rawal was appointed Chief Minister a month ago with the support of the ruling coalition parties. There is a constitutional provision that a vote of confidence must be taken from the Provincial Assembly within one month of the appointment of the Chief Minister.

In the 53-member Sudurpaschim Provincial Assembly, there are 19 MPs from the Nepali Congress, 11 from the Maoists (including the speaker), 10 from the UML, 7 from the Naupa, 4 from the CPN United Socialist Party, and 1 from the RPP. A vote of confidence requires 27 votes.