UML Leader Bhatt Went Jail To Meet Resham

Feb 9, Kathmandu: CPN-UML leader Lekhraj Bhatt has reached Dillibazar Jail to meet Resham Chaudhary. Bhatt went to the jail to meet Chaudhary on Thursday morning to convince the civil liberties who had decided not to give a vote of confidence to the far-west government.

According to a civil rights leader, Bhatt has reached jail and asked for a vote of confidence in the Far West government. But Chaudhary replied that he could not support until the demand is fulfilled, he said. Ranjita Chaudhary, President of the Civil Liberation Party, has said that they will not surrender under any circumstances.

Holding the photo of seven parliamentarians from the Far West, she wrote, "The losers will surrender!" Warriors die as martyrs, but they do not let their identity die.' Civil emancipation has decided not to give a vote of confidence to the Chief Minister of Far West, Rajendra Singh Rawal. If civil emancipation is not given a vote of confidence, the Far West government is in a state of collapse. Chief Minister Rawal is taking the vote of confidence today.