Province Will Created Big Plan For Development:. Bagmati Province Chief Yadav

Feb 9, Kathmandu:  Bagmati Province Chief Yadav Chandra Sharma has said that the province should work on big plans.

Speaking for the first time in the meeting of the second term of the Bagmati Provincial Assembly, Provincial Chief Sharma stressed that the provincial government should prioritize big plans for the development of the province and the creation of employment.

Addressing the meeting, Chief Sharma said that the complaint that there is no fundamental difference between yesterday and today in the budgeting and allocation system should be addressed. If we can target the establishment of big hydropower projects, model agricultural farms, technical schools and industries while allocating the budget, employment opportunities will be created, production will increase, exports will increase and it will help to face the crisis in the economy of the country as a whole.

He mentioned that the Provincial Assembly should always be alert and active in the policy, program, budget, and other issues of the provincial government in order to embody the hope and trust of the people in practice without allowing any decrease in the hope and trust of the people towards the provincial government. did

By establishing a hydrogen plant in Bagmati Province, a major change can be brought about in the energy sector, Chief Minister Sharma said, by protecting and utilizing the forests in Bagmati Province, pepper cultivation in potential areas around Hetouda and fruits like cherry, banana, mango, jackfruit, lychee, lychee, avocado in the river banks. He said that it is possible to change our eating style, harvest grain, and earn foreign currency.

He requested not to delay in formulating a plan so that the traditional subsistence farming system can be transformed into a modern professional agricultural system and become self-sufficient in the agricultural sector.

The head of the state drew the attention of the government to ensure the market for the crops produced by the farmers, provide advanced fertilizers, seeds, and technology, etc. are