Yadav Lodges Complaint With EC To Dismissal Complaint

Mar 12, Kathmandu: Ram Sahay Prasad Yadav who became the vice presidential candidate from the Janata Samajwadi Party, has explained the complaint against him.

Candidate Yadav reached the election officer's office in New Baneshwor on Sunday morning and submitted the clarification of the complaint against him. On Saturday, the CPN-UML demanded the cancellation of Yadav's candidacy, demanding that a woman should be the vice-presidential candidate after a male candidate was elected as president against the constitution.

Responding to the same issue, Yadav said that according to the provisions of Article 70 of the Constitution, Article 16-5 of the Presidential and Vice-Presidential Elections Act, he is a Madhesi from a different community than the President-elect.

"The complaint against the inclusive and proportional spirit of candidacy for a position is preconceived and mocking the clear provisions of the Constitution and the law, the complaint is referred to Article 70 of the Constitution of Nepal and Article 16 (5) of the Act related to the election of the President and Vice President. As the intentions and sentiments are contrary, I have filed a written response saying that the complaint claim should be dismissed,' he said.