MV Dugar Launched The Electric Scooter 'Gesits', These Are The Features

Mar 13, Kathmandu- Vivek Automobiles Pvt. Ltd. under the MV Dugar Group has launched an electric scooter for the first time. The company launched a new electric two-wheeled scooter 'Gesits' on Monday by organizing an event.

The MV Dugar Group has introduced scooters of the Indonesian brand Gesits in Nepal, showing its participation in the field of electric vehicles, the company says. Gesits scooter was launched in the presence of the Executive Director of Nepal Electricity Authority, Kulman Ghising. The company has its showroom in Naxal.

The company is positive that the electric scooter Gesits will support the market expansion of MV Dugar in Nepali.

The Gesits scooter is equipped with a 5 KW electric motor. It has a 72-volt and 20 Ah lithium-ion battery and it is said to give a range of up to 100 kilometers on a single full charge. The company has also stated that it will take only 90 minutes to fully charge its battery. Only 1.3 units of electricity are consumed for this.

The company has given a three-year warranty on its smart LED batteries. Disc brakes are provided on the scooter, while each motor system is directly connected to the Android operating system. Users can get information about the speed, temperature, and voltages of the scooter through their smartphone.

It has a comfortable seat for the rider and passenger. The front design of the Jessits scooter features a shark snout and HID projection headlamps with DRLs. It has features such as full LED tail lamps, a drive belt, a rear mono socket, digital dashboard.

The driver can drive the Gesits electric scooter in three modes, namely Eco, Urban, and Sport. It takes just 5 seconds to reach the speed of 0 to 50. The maximum speed of the scooter is 76 km per hour.

The executive director of the authority, Ghising, advised driving electric vehicles as the operating costs of electric vehicles will also be reduced along with the control of environmental pollution.

Speaking at the program, he said, 'I will attend every program related to electricity. MV Dugar's role in the hydropower sector is commendable. It is a pleasure to see that it has now entered the electric vehicle sector as well. It is necessary for all of us to focus on operating electric vehicles as much as possible.

Moreover, he discussed with Motilal Dugar, Chairman of MV Dugar, regarding the operation of an electric vehicle plant in Nepal. Regarding this, Chairman Motilal also gave a positive response and said that it is part of the long-term future plan.

Vivek Automobiles has launched electric JCs in Nepali market in 3 different color options namely red, white, and black. The company has currently set its initial market price at 350,000 rupees.