ISU Election Process Is Blocked  At 8 Campuses 

Mar 13, Kathmandu: As the Independent Students' Union (ISU) elections are approaching, the election process has been disrupted in 8 campuses of Tribhuvan University.

Although candidates were nominated in campuses all over the country on March 12, the election process has been blocked in 8 campuses. According to Pashupati Adhikari, director of the Directorate of Student Welfare and Sports, the election process has been stopped due to a dispute between the student body regarding admission.

According to him, the election process has been blocked in Trichandra Campus, Vishwabhasha Campus and Ayurveda Campus in Kathmandu Valley and Prithvi Narayan Campus Pokhara, Mahendra Multipurpose Campus Nepalgunj, Siddhanath Vigyan Multipurpose Campus Mahendranagar, Dhawalagiri Campus Baglung and Birendra Campus Chitwan outside the valley.

The campus chiefs have been instructed to move forward with the election process by resolving the currently blocked campus admission dispute. "This time, we are aware that the leadership will come to all the campuses through the election of the ISU no campus can operate without the leadership of the SWIU," he said. According to other campuses across the country, nominations have been registered enthusiastically and the election process is proceeding.