Math Park Launched For The First Time In Nepal

Mar 14, Kathmandu- Math Park has been started for the first time in Nepal to keep students away from the mindset that mathematics is difficult. Math Park has been started with the objective of making mathematics practical and useful for life.

The Math Park established by the Imperial World School in Budanilkanth was inaugurated today. The park was inaugurated today on the occasion of Pi Day and International Mathematics Day. Chief Guest Science and Technology Secretary Pramila Devi Bajracharya inaugurated the park.

At Math Park, students will have the opportunity to learn using math while having fun. The role of Math Park will be to keep students away from the mindset that math is difficult. In addition, even in the absence of the teacher, students can learn new things about mathematics in the Math Park by themselves, which will also help in classroom teaching.

Science and Technology Secretary Pramila Devi Bajracharya said that the construction of the first Math Park in Nepal has added something new to the education sector. He said that the attraction of students towards science and math is less and he did not think that math park would be easy for students.

She also informed that the ministry is preparing materials for STEAM education and is preparing to distribute them to schools and train teachers about this after completion.

Kamala Tuladhar, president of the Nepal Teachers Association, said that such parks are necessary for all schools. He said that instead of only teaching about math in books and classrooms, if the students can use it and learn it in this way, it will help to maintain the quality of education.

Binod Pant, head of Kathmandu University School of Education, STEAM Department, said that even if they speak English knowingly, mathematics does not come and it is not taken seriously. He said, "There is a trend of speaking even if you don't know English. However, there are those who say that mathematics does not come and do not give importance to it".

Pant opined that no study is complete without mathematics and mathematics is important as science, physics, computer science, etc. are mandatory. He also emphasized that students should be taught mathematics not only in the classroom but also by taking them to the park.

The principal of the school, Junita Shahi Karki, said that the math park could be built because of the school's math department. It was started with the aim of making it easy to study mathematics in a fun way, saying that mathematics is difficult for everyone. Karki informed that not only her students but also students of private and public schools can learn mathematics by observing the park.