Bindabasini Music Company Operator Regmi Released On 75,000 Bail

Mar 15, Kathmandu: Bindabasini Music owner  Subash Regmi has been released on bail. District Court Kathmandu has ordered to release of him on a bond of 75,000 for an offense against the Electronic Transactions Act-2007 AD

Cyber Bureau Spokesperson (SP) Pashupati Rai told Ratopati that he was released after paying the bail set by the court. He was arrested by the police at Tribhuvan International Airport on February 20 when he was coming to Nepal from Thailand. Mahesh Chandra Acharya from the music industry filed a complaint against Regmi. Acharya is a songwriter.

Acharya has alleged that Regmi has posted hateful material against the entire creator on social media (Facebook). It has been found out from the police investigation that Regmi has also posted pictures of the late artists and compared the artists to animals. Acharya was also compared to an animal by the accused and posted on social media.

In his statement with the police, Regmi said that he made such a post on impulse after a negative article was published about his organization as an 'intruding organization' on an online website run from Kathmandu. He said - 'I have removed that post later.'