‘Muktinath Special Easy Loan’ Scheme

Mar 15, Kathmandu: The ‘Muktinath Special Easy Loan’ scheme has been launched by Muktinath Bikas Bank.

With the market experiencing a liquidity crisis and customers unable to obtain loans, the bank announced this plan and urged any customer in need of a loan to contact Muktinath Bikas Bank’s branch offices.

Small and medium business loans, agricultural loans, home loans, auto and hire purchase loans, educational loans, land purchase, and other personal loans up to 2 crore rupees will be provided under this scheme, according to the bank.

Borrowers who apply for a loan under this scheme will be approved and given the loan at the lowest interest rate within three working days of submitting all required documents, according to the bank.

Customers interested in participating in this scheme, according to the bank, can contact the nearest branch office, make a missed call on the mobile number 9801110023, or go to the bank’s website and apply for the loan online.