Suryamala's Performance In Narendra's 'Aama Meri Aama'

Mar 16, Kathmandu- Actress Suryamala Khanal, who is seen more in Nepali films and dramas, has also started appearing in music videos in recent times. The latest music video starring him 'Aama Meri Aama' has been released.

The song is sung by singer Narendra Rai and has music by Sabi Sangam Rai. The lyrics of the song are written by Januka Rai. In the video, Surymala's mother is Banek, while her son, singer Narendra, is himself. In the video, the love of mother and son is shown.

Director Nikesh Khadka said that the video of the song, which describes motherhood, is trying to show the love between mother and son.

Singer Rai, who lost his mother on February 19, 2023, said that after this song, he felt that his mother was always with him.