Child Accused Of Theft Found Dead In A Vegetable Garden

Mar 18, Kathmandu- A child who was accused of theft was found dead in a vegetable field in Laxmipur Rural Municipality 4 of Siraha.

Niraj Mochi, the 11-year-old son of local Bechan Mahara, was found dead. His dead body was found near a secluded vegetable field, about one kilometer away from his house. The shop of the local Pabitra Mahato was stolen on Friday morning.

It was alleged that five people, including the cobbler who was found dead, were involved in the theft. The owner of the shop, Mahato, and the village council arrested two people on the charge of theft in the shop and locked up the house under the surveillance of the ward office yesterday.

The two arrested people said that Mochi and 2 other people were also involved in the theft. But three people, including the cobbler, could not be found. Parents were given the responsibility to find them and discuss the theft. Parents searched for two people. Even his parents could not find Mochi. It is understood that the child Mochi, who did not go home even at night, was found dead in the field at around 9 o'clock this morning.

According to Siraha Police Spokesperson DSP Ravindra Pandey, the left hand of the cobbler, who was found dead, was electrocuted. In the investigation, it is seen that he died due to electrocution. But the incident is suspicious after the boy who was accused of theft remained uncontactable for the whole day yesterday and was found dead this morning while electrocuted.

DSP Pandey said, "The vegetable field is surrounded by wire so that animals such as badgers do not damage it". It is seen that he died due to the current released on that wire. But further investigation is underway. "It is not possible to leave electricity in the fields surrounded by bare wire", he said, "I understand this matter as well." After further investigation, those who are found guilty will be brought under the law.