Can't Have Alliances With Those Who Can't Admit Mistakes: Madhav

Mar 18, Kathmandu- Chairman of CPN (Unified Socialist) Madhav Kumar Nepal has said that an alliance can be formed with those who have the same mind and thoughts.

Inaugurating the district convention of the party held in Melamchi on Saturday, he mentioned that there will be unity among the parties who share ideas to improve the economic situation of the country and emphasized that they should unite to strengthen the economic situation.

President Nepal said that unity is not possible with a party that does not accept mistakes. "There can be no alliance with those who do not realize their mistakes and cannot accept their mistakes," he said.

Referring to the formation of the current alliance between the parties that are compatible with protecting the constitution while protecting the republic, President Nepal said, "The current alliance has been formed keeping in mind the current situation of the country.

Defense of the constitution, and improvement of the country's economy is the common agenda of the parties involved in the current alliance.