Two ANNISU Members Injured In Stone Pelting By The Coalition Students In Kalikot

Mar, 19, Kathmandu- There was a controversy during the ISU elections at Jana Chetana Multiple Campus in Sanni Triveni Rural Municipality of Kalikot.

ANNISU protested after casting fake votes while voting was going on. According to the District Police Office, Kalikot, the campus chief admitted 50 fake students and cast fake votes. ANNISU boycotted the voting process and demanded the cancellation of the admission of those students.

In this campus, there is an alliance between the Nepal Students Union and Akhil Revolutionary. ANNISU reported that its students were injured due to stone pelting by students of the alliance. Laxman Bahadur Bam and another person were injured. Kalikot police said that tear gas was fired after some students tried to vandalize the ballot box and other voting materials.