You Have To Pay Around $15 Per Month To Get A Blue Tick On Facebook-Instagram

Mar, 19, Kathmandu- Meta, the parent company of social media platforms Facebook and Instagram, has launched a verification subscription feature.

After Twitter, now Facebook launched its paid verification service. Meta launched the service in America on Friday.

For now, the subscription service has been launched only for US users, but plans to launch it in other countries of the world are also underway.

Along with this, now the users of Facebook and Instagram can get account verification only by paying the fee.

Meta will provide blue badge as a paid verification on Facebook and Instagram. For this, users will have to submit their government ID and pay a monthly fee of US$11.99.

This fee is for running Facebook from a web browser. Users of Apple's iOS and Android platforms will have to pay $14.99 per month for the verification badge.

Meta has been testing the paid verification feature for some time. Before the US, Meta had started it as a test in Australia and New Zealand. Before that, Snapchat and Telegram also introduced their paid services.

With Meta's latest move, it has been seen that all social media companies are now thinking of increasing their income by collecting fees from users. However, most of the income of social media companies now comes from advertising.