36 Candidates Register Their Nominations For Bara-2 By-Elections

Arp 3, Kathmandu: Under the House of Representatives, 36 people have submitted their candidatures from Bara Region No. 2 from various political parties and independents. For the by-elections to be held on  Apr 23, 36 people have submitted their candidatures within the deadline set today.

Ram Sahay Prasad Yadav of the Janata Samajwadi Party was elected from that area in the elections held on November 20. After he was elected as the vice president, by-elections are going to be held in that region.

Purushottam Poudel from CPN-UML, President of Janata Samajwadi Party (JSP) Nepal Upendra Yadav from the ruling coalition, Ramesh Kharel from National Independent Party, Shivchandra Kushwaha from Janamat Party have been nominated. All of them have been candidates in various fields in the elections held last November and have been defeated.

JSP Nepal President Yadav has submitted his candidacy as a joint candidate with Nepali Congress, CPN-Maoist Center, and the major party in the power coalition. He reached Kalaiya to register his candidacy around 2 pm. Yadav registered his candidacy after reaching the election office at Bara District Coordination Committee office.

Nawalkishore Yadav and supporter Narayan Yadav are among the proponents of Yadav, who has filed his candidacy along with the leader and activist. Similarly, Purushottam Poudel has registered his candidacy from UML. In the coming days, UML should be established as a national power while protecting stability and nationalism. This by-election is the line of the future, he said, UML won from this region in 2048 and 2056, and now there are signs that it will win again.

Paudel claims that he will win because the oppressed castes, regions, and genders stand in favor of UML. "The alliance was between the leaders and not between the people," he said, "because UML has shown that it leads the development of the country and the people, my victory is assured."

Paudel's proponent is Balbir Chaudhary and his supporter is Bandana Singh. Similarly, Ramesh Kharel, who is a candidate from the National Independent Party, claimed that he would focus on education, health, and security in this area. He says that the victory is assured because the voters are his organization.

Education and health are not good in this country. The security situation is the same. Our voters have not got good education and health," he said. "I worked round the clock in the security sector. In the coming days, I will work round the clock for the education, health, and safety of this region.

Similarly, Shivchandra Kushwaha, who was a candidate from the Janamat Party, claimed that he would win this time as he had served the people in the past. "I wanted to contest the elections independently. I went among the people. People suggested contesting from a party," Kushwaha said. "Many people said to contest from Janmat Party. I contested the election when I was told that I should also contest the election from this party. Kushwaha claims that he will win with huge votes.