Inauguration Of Himalaya Kiran Public Campus Building Constructed By Government Of India

Sep 07, Kathmandu- Foreign Minister NP Saud and Indian Ambassador Naveen Srivastava inaugurated the campus building of Himalaya Kiran Public Campus in Khandbari municipality.

The newly constructed campus building, which was built with the financial support of the Government of India, was jointly inaugurated by Minister Saud and Ambassador Srivastava on Wednesday.

According to the agreement between the Government of India and the Government of Nepal under the 'Nepal-India Development Cooperation', the building was constructed at a cost of 3.74 crores. The newly constructed three-storied campus building has classrooms, science laboratories, computers, libraries, and meeting halls.

In the opening program, Foreign Minister Saud said that India has contributed to the development of Nepal and Nepali people and it is a matter of pride for Nepal to have a neighbor like India. He said that this development project is of special importance as it will ensure education for the next generation and help them in their career. Foreign Minister Saud also said that he expects India's continued support in the development of Nepal.

At the event, Ambassador Srivastava said that the project is an important part of the strong development partnership between India and Nepal. "This cooperation has taken a big leap in recent years in the various priority areas of the Nepali government and the Nepali people", he said, "For the benefit of the people of both countries, the Government of India is committed to continuing this development partnership in accordance with the priorities of the Government of Nepal."

Himalaya Kiran Public Campus was established in the year 1949 as Himalaya Middle School. In the year 2005, this school was upgraded and named as Himalaya Kiran Public Campus to conduct postgraduate-level courses. More than 600 students are studying in this campus, of which 60 percent are female students. Currently, management and education at the undergraduate level and education at the postgraduate level are taught in this campus.

Since 2003, India has initiated 550 high-impact community development projects in Nepal, of which 483 have been completed. Among them, there are 84 high-impact community development projects in various sectors in Koshi province. In addition to this, the Government of India has provided 974 ambulances and 234 school buses as gifts to various hospitals, health posts, and educational institutions of Nepal on the occasion of Independence Day and Republic Day.

The Government of India has so far provided 13 ambulances to Sankhuwasabha district and 3 school buses including the school bus received by this campus last July. The program was attended by political leaders of Sankhuwasabha, social workers, officials of Nepal government, campus representatives, and local community.