20 Nepalese Stranded In Saudi For 4 Months

Sep 15, Kathmandu- Twenty Nepalese are stranded in Saudi Arabia. 20 Nepalese have been stranded in a place called Al-Qassim in Saudi Arabia for the past four months. They reached Saudi Arabia through Adventure Human Resources in Sitapaila and got stranded.

They arrived in Saudi about a year and a half ago, but the company has been harassing them for four months by not giving them work and salary. The homes of those who are stranded are on the street. Arrangements have been made to feed them with the help of various individuals and organizations.

"We were given neither job nor paid. They are giving us 100 riyals every 10-15 days to eat. What are we going to do with that money? Instead of talking to the mainpower company, they just keep saying it. On the contrary, he threatens by dressing up as a gangster", said one of the victims.

According to the victim, she had to sit down after drinking the bathroom water. The company has taken away the passports of all of them. After this matter was made public through social media, the attention of the government has been drawn. The Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security has started an initiative to rescue them. The ministry said that there is communication with the employer company.

Madan Dahal, Director General of the Foreign Employment Department, said that the labor consul went and met and talked about it. The suppliers have gone through the company. Couldn't use it for another job. There was a problem with eating. Now arrangements have been made through the Labor Consul. He said that he would employ me in another company.

He said that he is also discussing with the employer company. It has been agreed that they will be restored to work. If the agreement is not implemented or there is a delay, the Ministry is preparing to go to the Labor Court. He said that they should call the manpower who sent them to solve the problem immediately.