Maithali Lullaby Song 'Niniya Rani' Has Been Released

Sep 15, Kathmandu- Maithili lullaby song 'Niniya Rani' has been released on the occasion of Children's Day. The song has been released through the Bejod YouTube channel.

The song 'Ninia Rani' has the voice of singer Neha Priyadarshan, lyrics by lyricist Vidyanand Bedardi and music by composer and singer Pravesh Mallik.

The song's music video features Tessa Priyadarshini, popularly known as 'Mithila Kaki', and child actors Adhya Singh and Dhaiwat Bairoliya.

The video is directed by Nitin Neera Chandra and Shashank Gupta. This song depicts the love, hope, and thought of a mother toward her child. Lullaby songs help the baby to sleep.