New Offer Of eSewa: You Can Now Buy Apartment In Kathmandu At No Cost!

Sep 18, Kathmandu- If your luck is strong, you don't have to wander a lot to build a house in Kathmandu. When you send remittance to Nepal, you can choose eSewa MoneyTransfer. eSewa has announced such an offer to make the "Mero Digital Desh" campaign effective on Sunday.

Esewa has been bringing remittances from more than 200 countries to Nepal. eSewa Money Transfer has continued the "Mero Digital Desh" campaign to develop the country by introducing remittances through digital remittances.

Esewa Money Transfer has once again released a house plan in Kathmandu under this campaign. This campaign will start from Ashwin 1 and continue till Ashadha 31, 2081, the company said.

This campaign has been launched with the aim of taking the traditional remittance transaction towards digital.

Also, the company has announced this plan for 10 months to further promote digital remittance through this plan, to strengthen the economic status of the country, and to further strengthen the foreign currency reserves in the country.

Under the "Mero Digital Desh" campaign, Nepalis from any country in the world can participate by sending money to the Isewa wallet of any person in Nepal.

In this campaign, 4 families will be able to get a house in Kathmandu with special Koseli, double money for 1 person every month, and a bumper gift.

Expressing his opinion about the campaign, Subas Sharma, director of F1Soft Group, said, "This scheme is a symbol of our appreciation for the dedication and sacrifices made by Nepali people working abroad".

One of the aspirations of every Nepali working abroad is to build a home in Kathmandu and through this campaign, we will be able to fulfill at least one person's dream.

Regarding the campaign, Daniel D. Shrestha, Group Strategy Director of F1Soft Group, urged all Nepali living and working abroad to actively participate in the digital ecosystem. He also urged them to contribute to the overall economic development of the nation by using legal channels for their remittance needs.

Chief Executive Officer of eSewa, Jagdish Khadka, said that through the joint efforts of eSewa and Iseva Money Transfer, Nepalese living abroad can easily send money to Nepal within a few minutes through digital means.

He said, we believe that this campaign will bring about positive changes in the country's economy and increase the quality and reliability of remittance services.

Esewa Money Transfer brand ambassadors Rajesh Hamal, Swastima Khadka, Dayahang Rai and eSewa brand ambassador Bipin Karki will participate in national and international awareness programs related to digital remittance to promote the campaign, the company said.

Esewa Money Transfer has been depositing remittances in the traditional style and digital means of more than 75 million users of Esewa wallet and in the accounts of any bank and financial institution. Remittance payment service is also being provided to the customers through its more than 13,800 payment centers and more than one lakh cash points of eSewa.

Esewa Money Transfer, approved by Nepal Rastra Bank in 2019, is also a sister company of F1Soft Group, which has been empowering more than 20 million people and more than 1.2 million small and medium enterprises across the country through fintech-based payment services.