Russian Attack On Ukrainian Food Warehouse As Zelensky Arrives In US

Sep 19, Kathmandu- As Russia continues to attack Ukraine, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky arrived in the United States on Monday. On Tuesday, Zelenskiy is scheduled to meet with US President Joe Biden.

Similarly, Biden is also scheduled to address the United Nations General Assembly. America is the main partner of Ukraine in the war against Russia, which is supporting Ukraine with billions of weapons. This is Zelensky's second visit to the US since Russia invaded in February last year.

On social network X, Zelensky informed that Olena Zelenska and himself had arrived in America for high-level talks. He also said that he would address the UN General Assembly and visit Washington DC.

Zelensky further says, "Ukraine will make a concrete proposal to the member states of the United Nations on how to strengthen the principle of territorial integrity and prevent aggression as well as improve the nation's ability to prevent aggressive activities".

Zelensky, who arrived in the US, also met the Ukrainian soldiers who were injured in the attack of the Russian army and are being treated in the US. He also thanked the American leadership for supporting the struggle for freedom and integrity.

On the other hand, when Zelenskiy arrived in America, Russia attacked the building where Ukraine's grain stores and humanitarian aid materials were kept. In the Ukrainian city of Lviv, there was an attack on a building where food stores and humanitarian aid are kept. One person was killed in this attack and a large amount of food and humanitarian aid materials were destroyed.