ChatGPT can now search for information from the Internet

Sep 28, Kathmandu- "Generator AI Platform (ChatGPT) can now fetch information directly from the Internet or gather updated information," its developer OpenAI announced on Wednesday, marking a major milestone for the software.

Until now, ChatGPT's responses to user queries were based on outdated information, which did not include information from August 2021 onwards.

"ChatGPT can now search the Internet with direct links to sources and provide you with current and authoritative information," OpenAI announced in a public announcement via social network X (Twitter).

"This is no longer limited to information prior to September 2021," the post said, "The latest feature is also said to allow websites to control how ChatGPT interacts with them".

OpenAI released an update for its paying customers in June, but scrapped the concept after users managed to steal information about paying customers on Internet content.

Dubbed 'Browse with Bing', the feature is also reserved for customers of ChatGPT Plus and enterprise services, but OpenAI says it will be available to all users soon.

ChatGPT will also cite direct sources with its responses, which will no longer be based on a single piece of information that the publisher of the program controls.