Hollywood Strike Will End Today

Nov 09, Kathmandu- The strike that has been going on for months in Hollywood is coming to an end. Actors' organization SAG-AFTRA has unanimously agreed to end the 118-day strike (rough agreement) with Hollywood studios.

It is said that the strike will end from Thursday. More details of the agreement will be made public on Friday. The artists went on strike demanding higher salaries and protecting themselves from the use of AI.

A group of Hollywood writers ended the strike after five months in September. Saag-Aftra has 160,000 members from Hollywood. The shooting of the film in Hollywood was being affected due to the strike which continued since July 14.

Disney/Marvel's Blade, Dune: Part 2 and Fantastic Four films have been stuck for months due to the strike. The shooting of Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and Avengers: Secret Wars has been pushed back by a year.

Hollywood is estimated to have lost 6.5 billion dollars due to the strike of actors and writers. Hollywood star actors have taken tens of millions, crores of salary from a single film. But recently, due to changes in the film industry brought about by technology such as AI and high cost, small actors have been hit.