Two Died And Other Earthquake Victims Are Suffering From Health Problems In Due To Cold Weather

Nov 11, Kathmandu- Health problems have started to appear in the citizens affected by the earthquake.

Having to spend the night under blankets and blankets in the open square, health problems have started to appear due to the extreme cold. Two people lost their lives on Thursday and Friday due to excessive winter. Among those who lost their lives were 48-year-old woman Pampha Rawal of Nalgad Municipality-4 Lahan and 84-year-old Gopal Bahadur Rawal of the same ward. Gopal died of asthma and Pampha died of pneumonia.

It is said that Pampha died in the city hospital in Delhi during treatment after contracting pneumonia due to freezing weather. Due to the cold weather and severe winters, elderly people, children, and chronic patients are suffering from health problems due to having to spend the night in one-piece clothes and blankets. In Ward No. 4, which has 375 households, there is a problem in managing 30 senior citizens and 30 pregnant women with asthma, rheumatic, and heart disease.

A couple of days after the earthquake, children and senior citizens started showing symptoms of pneumonia and asthma. When the house of the regular medicine user was destroyed by the earthquake, after the medicine was delivered, they were deprived of taking the medicine due to which the cold is affecting them. It is said that elderly people, children, and pregnant women have health problems such as asthma, cold, pneumonia, fever, and diarrhea due to having to spend the night in the shelter of one-by-one Tents and blankets.