China Has The Fastest Internet In The World

Nov 16, Kathmandu- China has launched an advanced internet network.

China claims that this is the fastest internet in the world. The internet speed of the Chinese telecommunications equipment manufacturer Huawei is 1.2 TB per second (1,200 GB). It is said that this is enough to transfer the data of 150 films in one second. But this speed of the Internet is theoretical. The net does not run at the same speed when it reaches the consumer's home. But it is much more than the current internet. The availability of high-speed internet service has been analyzed to have great significance in business, stock trading, and even national security. In a press conference this week, Huawei and China Mobile officially launched their fifth-generation backbone network.

A backbone network is a network infrastructure that can carry Internet traffic even in different geographical locations. It also supports more data consumption like 5G and electric vehicles. Currently, this service is available only in limited locations. The company has not said anything about expanding the service across the country. Huawei started testing high-speed internet this summer. But the delivery of services to the general public has been 2 years earlier than expected by the experts. Some experts are calling it the most advanced internet network in the world.