Security Arrangements Tightened On The Banks Of Various Rivers And Streams In Jhapa

Nov 19, Kathmandu- Security has been tightened for the 'Chhath Puja' to be celebrated today on the banks of various rivers and streams of Jhapa, including the bordering Mechi river.

It is said that 936 security personnel including 510 armed, 371 Nepal Police and 55 traffic police will be mobilized for the Chhath Puja to be celebrated in different places of the district. The maximum number of security personnel will be mobilized in the Mechi River bordering Bhadrapur. 105 armed personnel, 75 Nepal police, and 9 traffic police are being deployed to target Mechi river.

Similarly, 55 armed personnel, 30 Nepal Police, and 13 Traffic Police are being deployed in Biring River in Kankai. 49 armed personnel, 30 Nepal police, and 10 traffic police are being deployed in Ninda river.

Similarly, 40 armed personnel, 50 Nepal Police, and 10 Traffic Police are being deployed in Damak's Ratuwa River. DSP Khagendra Prasad Rizal of District Police Office Jhapa informed that even though Chhath Puja was celebrated in 49 places of the district, there was a large crowd of devotees on the banks of Mechi, Ninda, Biring, and Ratuwa rivers. He said that police units, foot patrols, and mobile patrols will be mobilized at different places to prevent possible criminal and disorderly activities that may occur during Chhath Puja.

He also said that mobile patrol teams of the police will be deployed separately on the highways as well. Navraj Neupane, Head of District Traffic Office, Jhapa, said that in view of the vehicular traffic jams at Chhath Puja places, traffic police have been deployed targeting Mechi Bridge, Ratuwa Bridge, Ninda Bridge, Kankai's Biring Bridge, Arjundhara's Biring Bridge.