District conference of Congress Morang scheduled for Mangsir 6

Nov 19, Kathmandu- The District Conference of Nepali Congress Morang is scheduled to be held on the 6th of Mangsir at Jaycee Building located in Sundarharaincha-9.

This is the first district conference to be held according to the revised constitution of the Congress after the restructuring of the state. 2 years ago, during the 14th Congress, the Congress selected the leadership from the ward to the center according to the new structure. After the 14th Congress, the first district conference is going to be held in Morang, the acting president of Morang, Bhaktinath Majhi informed.

To complete the district conference in a grand manner, a team including Morang Congress officials is meeting with the regional representatives of all 17 local levels of the district from 2nd of November. According to District Secretary Modaraj Ghimire, a team of officials met with regional representatives of Kathari, Jahda, Dhanpalthan Rural Municipality, and Sunavarshi, Ratuwamai, and Rangeli Municipalities on November 1.

Similarly, on the 2nd, they interacted with the regional representatives of Budhiganga, Gramathan, Kanepokhari rural municipalities, and Sundarharaincha, Belbari, and Patharishanishchare municipalities. Secretary Ghimire said that the meeting program with the regional representatives of Biratnagar metropolis has ended on November 3, and the meeting with the remaining representatives of Urlabari, Letang Municipality, and Kerawari, Miklajung Rural Municipality will be held by Sunday evening.

The team consists of Acting President Bhaktinath Majhi, Secretaries Modraj Ghimire and Lalit Bahadur Shrestha, Joint Secretaries Sanjay Mandal and Bhubaneswar Mandal and Treasurer Ranju Adhikari. Morang Chairman Dig Bahadur Limbu is currently the Minister of Youth and Sports, while Deputy Chairman Nagesh Koirala, who is the Mayor of Biratnagar Metropolis, did not attend the meeting as he was on a visit to China.

Three thousand 555 regional representatives from 17 municipalities of Morang will participate in the district conference. Another district secretary, Lalit Bahadur Shrestha, said that the conference will determine common views on the government's alliance with the Maoists, the formation of the Kosi state government, and the agenda to be put by Morang in the upcoming General Committee meeting. All the central members elected from Morang, officials and members representing the Koshi Province Committee will be present at the conference.