Bipin Joshi still missing, search underway: Embassy

Nov 20, Kathmandu- The Nepali Embassy in Israel has informed that Bipin Joshi, a Nepali student who was attacked and taken hostage by the extremist group Hamas on October 7, still hasn't come in contact and the search operation is ongoing.

In the statement issued by the embassy today, it is mentioned that the spokesperson of the Israel Defense Force informed that Joshi, a Nepali student, was among those taken hostage in Kibbutz-Alumim and taken to Gaza.

"All concerned are informed that Joshi's latest condition has not been ascertained, he is still out of contact and the search operation is ongoing," the embassy said.

Earlier, Private Secretary of Foreign Minister NP Saud, Deepak Joshi, said that the Nepali Embassy in Israel had reported to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that he was safe under the control of the Hamas group.