Meta Took Down Networks Of Thousands Of Fake Accounts

Dec 02, Kathmandu- Meta, the parent company of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, has recently removed a network of thousands of fake accounts in China. In the Quarterly Threat Report released on Thursday, the BBC mentioned that Meta has removed more than 4,700 fake accounts.

Fake account users presenting themselves as Americans and Meta accused him of trying to spread polarizing content about American politics and US-China relations.

The fake accounts are said to have posted posts on abortion, culture war issues and aid to Ukraine.

Meta did not link the profiles to Beijing officials but said there was an increase in such networks based in China, ahead of the 2024 US election.

After Russia and Iran, China is now the third largest geographic source of such networks, according to the company. The China-based network has more than 4,700 accounts and includes profile pictures and names copied from other users around the world.

It was found that the deleted fake accounts liked and shared each other's posts and some of the posts were taken from X ie Twitter. The company said that the posts would be used to manipulate public opinion.

The company also said that the Chinese network was stopped before it was launched among real users.