Deuba should not become Prime Minister: Chief Minister Sharma

Dec 02, Kathmandu- Nepali Congress General Minister Bishwa Prakash Sharma has said that Chairman Sher Bahadur Deuba should no longer be the Prime Minister.

Chairman Deuba himself said that he should ask his contemporaries or the new generation to become the prime minister. In the opening program of the party's Lumbini state conference on Saturday, Sharma said that since Chairman Deuba has become the Prime Minister 5 times, he should no longer be the Prime Minister. General Minister Sharma said that he expected that day to come because of the decency and friendly spirit of the Congress president.

At the Lumbini State Conference, when General Minister Sharma, Gagan Thapa and leader Shekhar Koirala were yet to speak, Chairman Deuba left after giving his speech. During his speech, Sharma said that he wanted to seek the blessings of Lord Gautam Buddha for Speaker Deuba.