Cameroon Became The First Country To Start A Campaign Against Malaria

Feb 05, Kathmandu- The African country Cameroon has become the first country to start a campaign against malaria. Although trials and some experiments have started in some other African countries, Cameroon has become the first country to be vaccinated as part of a campaign, according to the BBC.

The vaccine was approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) after the vaccine was found to be effective and safe from tests conducted in Kenya, Ghana and Malawi, including Cameroon. Cameroon aims to vaccinate two and a half million children over the age of six months against malaria in the next year. However, the campaign has been challenging because parents in African countries are not easily prepared to vaccinate their children.

Every year in Cameroon, 6 million people are diagnosed with malaria and 4,000 of them die. Most of the dead are children under five years old.

Malaria, one of the oldest diseases in the world, kills about 219 million people in the world every year. Children under the age of five are mostly affected by malaria, which kills about 620,000 people a year. Feeling chilly, chills, fever and excessive sweating are the symptoms of malaria. If treatment is not done, breathing problems and body parts may stop functioning.