Corruption and misrule have become the main obstacles to economic prosperity: Home Minister Shrestha

Feb 08, Kathmandu- Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Narayan Kaji Shrestha has said that the obstacles to economic prosperity are corruption and misrule. Inaugurating the 21st anniversary of Aadharshila in Bardibas of Mahottari, Home Minister Shrestha said that the government has worked by making it the main base.

Insisting that development and prosperity cannot be envisioned if corruption is not effectively controlled, he claimed that the government is showing its results gradually. He said, "I also canceled the home minister's facilities that the Home Ministry has been enjoying since the Panchayat period", the government is adamant, "From the refugee scandal to bamboo leather shoes".

Stating that there is a sense of self-reliance in the government because of those who warn to do the work, Home Minister Shrestha also said that those with money and political access warn against the work of the government.

He said that due to the bad thinking of feudalism, meter usury has increased and the government is working hard to control it. Home Minister Shrestha said that more than 5,000 victims have been given justice so far and the government has launched a campaign to establish good governance.

Referring to the current protest by the victims of meter exploitation, he suggested that the government should not use it wrongly until the protest gives strength to the government. Home Minister Shrestha says that Sarka has taken action against defrauding the state by forgery in various ways, and under this process, investigations are being carried out on those involved in bamboo leather shoes.