Mental illness is becoming a challenge in Nepal: Health Minister Basnet

Feb 08, Kathmandu- Health and Population Minister Mohan Bahadur Basnet has said that mental illness is becoming a challenge in Nepal.

He said this while addressing the inauguration ceremony of Adolescent Mental Health Unit in Lalitpur on Thursday. He said that the problem of mental illness is increasing in children and adolescents in Nepal. He said, "When we talk about mental illness, 10 out of 100 mental patients have started to be found in Nepal. In this situation, it has become a challenge for all of us".

The same situation has started in children as well. In this context, CV Nepal, which has been fighting for children's rights since 37 years ago, in collaboration with Patan Mental Hospital, has gathered other participants and formed a unit to treat mental illness for teenagers. It is not enough just to praise. The government should also play its role to expand this service as much as possible in the province.

He said that it is necessary to expand mental illness treatment centers in all seven provinces. He said that he is ready to provide all assistance on behalf of the ministry for the expansion of services. Minister Basnet said that it is necessary to study why mental patients are increasing.