Enthusiasm Among Senior Citizens After Getting Service At Their Doorstep

Feb 09, Kathmandu- The Butwal sub-metropolitan city's 'Ba Ama Sanga Nagar Prahari' program has sparked enthusiasm among senior citizens.

Three hundred years ago, under the Senior Citizen Program with Baama, which started with the health check-up of 110-year-old Airavati Barai of Butwal-12 Tamnagar Pragati Toll, more than 300 senior citizens have been checked so far.

Only on Thursday, 176 people were tested in Ward 3 and out of them, 48 people were tested for ECG and 141 people were tested for diabetes. City Chief Khelraj Pandey said that he was happy with the program of health check-ups by reaching the doorsteps of the senior citizens.

He said that he has paid special attention to the health examination and treatment of senior citizens and people with different abilities and will continue to do so in the coming year as well. According to Pandey, to make it easy for people who are unable to go out of the house and have disabilities, they have started providing door-to-door services with experts.

Head of Public Health Branch Yuvraj Pandey informed that during the campaign which will be conducted in all 19 wards, Lumbini Regional Hospital Butwal Senior Physician Dr. Nandu Pathak, Gynecologist Dr. Rajendra Basyal, Physician Dr. Hari Panthi, specialist doctors, medical officers and health workers will conduct health examinations.

He said that necessary laboratory tests and medicines were given free of cost during the campaign. Under the program, necessary tests and medicines are provided free of charge to senior citizens who come for health check-up and treatment.

He said that the enthusiasm of the senior citizens has increased after the health services reached at their doorsteps. According to Pandey, even from the wards where the campaign is yet to be conducted, senior citizens have started reaching out to other wards to get services.