Huge Amount Of Cash Stolen Hacking 'Connect IPS'

Feb 11, Kathmandu- 10 lakh 10 thousand rupees have been stolen from the account of a person by hacking Connect IPS. By hacking Connect IPS of Shiv Nandan Mehta of Sunsari, the gang cheated Rs 10 lakh 10 thousand.

Mehta, the victim, said that the gang used Connect IPS to transfer 9 lakh rupees from the account he opened in Sanima Bank and also transferred 1 lakh 10 thousand rupees several times from the bank account in his mother's name. He alleges that he reached the bank within 5 minutes after receiving the information about unauthorized withdrawal of money from his bank account and requested to stop the money transferred to another bank, but Sanima Bank, where he has an account, did not care.

Mehta has also complained to the concerned bank and Nepal Rastra Bank that Rs 9 lakh was stolen from his account due to the negligence of Sanima Bank where he has an account.