Over 7.7 Million Eye Treatments In 41 Years

Feb 11, Kathmandu- Sagarmatha Choudhary Eye Hospital located in Lahan-3 has entered its 41st year. It has treated 77 lakh 69 thousand 110 patients since its establishment. Out of which, the hospital has been successful in operating 31 lakh 83 thousand 21 eye patients.

Abhishek Roshan, senior manager of the hospital, informed that in the year 1983 when the treatment was started, 17 thousand 248 eye patients were examined and 1 thousand 631 eye patients were operated on.

According to him, there was a decrease in the number of patients during the corona infection period. In 2022, the maximum number of 667,000 patients underwent treatment after the corona was controlled. 63 thousand 223 eye patients were operated. In the year 2023, the eye hospital and the eye and ear treatment center under it have conducted camp, school check-up and door-to-door eye and ear check-up of the patients at the community level.

In 2023, by conducting 96 eye camps at the community level, 25,064 patients were examined and 5,640 patients underwent free eye surgery, informed Sanjay Singh, Medical Superintendent of the hospital.

He said that 23 thousand 423 children from 135 schools were examined under the school eye examination program in Saptari district. According to him, 34 lakh 225 eye patients have been examined and treated and 4 thousand 610 ear surgeries have been done in the hospital alone.

Lahan Mayor Mahesh Prasad Chaudhary said that Sagarmatha Chaudhary Eye Hospital has expanded Lahan's identity to the international world. He says that along with the discussion of the hospital, health is also expanding as a tourist destination.