Blood Donor Arjun Mainali Committed Suicide Leaving A Note On Facebook

Feb 12, Kathmandu- Arjun Mainali, who had donated blood more than 200 times, committed suicide in America.

His body was found in the park of Latta Nature Preserve in North Carolina, USA. The police found the body in a completely burnt state. He had reached the park with a rented car. The car he was riding in was also burnt. It is assumed that he committed suicide by setting the car on fire. It is said that Mainali's body has now been taken by the paramedical team of the North Carolina Police for investigation.

The police have given a letter to the family confirming the death. Mainali wrote a long status on Facebook and said that she was going to commit suicide. Mainali, a blood donor from Kavre, has started living in America since 2007/08. At first he used to live in New York. He was now living in North Carolina with his family.

His family consists of his wife, a son and a daughter. The daughter is married and the son is young. Mainali's brother-in-law and his family also live in North Carolina. Mainali has complained about Sala and his wife in her status. In her status, Mainali has written that she is going to the next world through the path of fire. For this, it is mentioned in the status that he had rented a white car 4 days ago.