Maoists Preparing To Launch Two Campaigns

Feb 12, Kathmandu- After reviewing the party transformation campaign, CPN (Maoist Center) has prepared to run other campaigns as well.

After the Central Committee meeting on Monday, Prime Minister and Chairman of Maoist Center Pushpa Kamal Dahal 'Prachanda' said that two campaigns will be conducted.

After the Legislative Assembly, he informed that the Madhes Terai (East-West) campaign and Himal-Tarai connecting (North-South) campaign will be conducted. The Maoists are going to launch a campaign centered on big cities. He also said that action would be taken against some leaders for not participating in the special transformation campaign.

Prachanda gave a briefing that the conversion campaign was not able to do as much as it should have done. Maoists are holding a legislative session from tomorrow. It has been decided that the Maoists will celebrate People's War Day by respecting the court.